Administrator can control all the feature of the ERP System like create class, add students and staff etc.

Class Teachers

Teachers can work on attendance, homework, assignments, notes, and online class etc.

Subject Teachers

Subject Teacher can add Test marks, Result, Assignment, homework, and notes of their subjects etc.


Parents and Students can access the application 24×7 and it is completely user-friendly.

Quality Services

Customer service should not just a department, it should be the entire company.

Increase productivity

It help administrators of schools to increase their productivity and reduce the time and effort required to manage schools.

Secure environment

With data-encryption property, we provide secure environment to your data and never ever share your data to any third party.

Budget Friendly

The easy to use feature of School e-Connect help schools in proper functioning by saving their time & reduce the admin cost.

Our Features

Unlimited features to make smart connection with your school, teachers, students and parents.

User friendly

Easy to access, completely user friendly interface.

Anytime, anywhere

Its available on anytime and anywhere.


You can add or delete any feature at any time

SMS Integration

You can integrate any type of bulk SMS service with it.

Alert & Notifications

Real-time notifications are already integrated with APP.

Smart Library

It's the best solution and a useful tool for any librarian.

We deliver success to our customers

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